cUBIK sPHERES (EP version-2018)

Style : Heavy Blues

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cUBIK sPHERES is a tribute concept album to Philip K Dick by The Spherics.

This heavyblues EP version is done for those who are allergic to concept album.

This EP can also be taken as an introduction to the LP.

"Dansette Plays the Blues (extended version)" & "Black Bottom Cat on Snow (short version)" will be available as bonus tracks on the LP.

Bonus track : "sPHERES" (electro tribute to Miss Johanna M. Beyer)

Dedication :

"Wake UP to uBIK _ Mick the money man" is dedicated to Alain Chiarazzo and his bands Eclat, and Telescope Road.

Credits :

The Spherics are :

Ray Wilson : lyrics, vocals
Joe Lythgoe : drums programming
Fred Bau : composition, arrangement, guitars, bass, mix, mastering

Guests :

Neon Groover, Rasputin 1963, Fayz, Eshar : vocals on "Shadows"

Cover artwork : Ellie Wilson

  1. Dansette Plays the Blues (extended version)
  2. Black Bottom Cat on Snow (short version)
  3. Seen The Roses
  4. eLIXIR
  5. Wake UP to uBIK _ Mick the money man
  6. Shadows

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