BIRDS BELIEVES (2009/2019)


Genre : modern symphony for guitar



This idea of a modern symphony for guitar is born in 2007 on the Joe Satriani's T2J board, following

the collective albums Satchurated Feedback 1 & 2. Around two years have been required to find onto

the web a team of 8 guitar players which accept, starting with the unity of two words, "Birds & Symphony",

to work voluntarily together onto an international & collective project dedicated to the guitar. A first

version has been realized in 2009, with an unachieved first movement. The final version was completed

in 2019.


Eight guitar players, 8 movements. One guitar player = one movement. We borrow to classical
sinfonie idea two elements:

1) The diversity of timbres

2) The diversity of movements

Modern work, the diversity of timbres is produced with the variety of styles & tones expanded
through the eight movements. Behind his symbolist libretto, Birds Believes propose a plurality
of the instrument's approachs.


Birds Believes is a story about winged creatures & their singing.

Movement 1, "Dusk Hides inside Down" :
What is distinguishing dawn from dusk? What is separating night from day?
A dawn here is always a dusk else.

Movement 2, "Dream of a Birdsong" : Day's hatching, joy of first singing on the visible branch.

Movement 3, "Birds in Flight" :  Spreading one's wings, & flying rejoicing across the Sky.

Movement 4, "Murder in Full Flight" : Irruption of the death, pain, & the fall on Earth.

Movement 5, "The Feast of the Buzzards" : Interiorization of the idea of Death and conflicts
near the corpse, big antagonist Day of the terrible crossing between Sky & Earth.

Movement 6, "The Raven's Head" : Interiorization of native fate and willpower of fight for a
Stay, despite of the Sky & Earth's tear, despite of the sovereign Night.

Movement 7, "Blue Colt": The diurnal & nocturnal plenitude of the Sky and Earth flight,
under a cosmic night.

Movement 8, "Winter Migration" : The migration seasonal cycle is accomplished. The ultimate
taking wing hangs from a dusk which is not the suspension of Night & Day's tears, but the Light of
Nightfall, union of Sky & Earth inside Mystery.

"Dawndusk" _ Hölderlin.


Fred Bau (you are here)

Matthew Sear

The Blues Mavericks (Ken Erickson)

Thomas Bressel

Paul Clark : David Cross band or SY3ERIA

Mark London

Roy Marrchbank

Steve Trott

  1. Dusk Hides inside Dawn (Fred Bau) _ 2019
  2. Dream of a Birdsong (Matthew Sear) _ 2009
  3. Birds in Flight (Ken Erickson) _ 2009
  4. Murder in Full Flight (Thomas Bressel) _ 2009
  5. The Feast of the Buzzards (Paul Clark) _ 2009
  6. The Raven's Head (Mark London) _ 2009
  7. Blue Colt (Roy Marchbank) _ 2009
  8. Winter Migration (Steve Trott) _ 2009

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