BIRDS BELIEVES - first version (2009)

Genre : craignos monsters, modern symphony for guitar

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Around two years have been required to find onto the web a team of 8 guitar players which
accepted, starting with the unity of two words, Bird & Sinfonie, to work together onto an
international & collective project dedicated to the guitar.


Eight guitar players, eight movements. One guitar player = one movement. We borrow to classical
sinfonie idea two elements:

1) The diversity of timbres

2) The diversity of movements

Modern work, the diversity of timbres is produced with the variety of styles & tones expanded
through the eight movements. At first blush, this album's peculiarity consists of propose a plurality
of guitar's approachs. But this multiplicity is dutiful under a poetic libretto.


Birds Believes is a symbolic story about winged creatures, about their birth, their flight, their fight
for life, & their singing.

Movement 1, "Breathes of Dawn" : Light of Dawn, incertain, elusive, not from night, not
from day. Multiplicity of breathes. An Awakening, between shadows & first sunbeams, across
the foliage still confused.

Movement 2, "Dream of a Birdsong" : Day's hatching, first singing flight on the visible branch.

Movement 3, "Birds in Flight" : Spreading one's wings, & discovery of the taking wing across
the sky.

Movement 4, "Murder in Full Flight" : Irruption of the death, pain, & the fall.

Movement 5, "The Feast of the Buzzards" : Interiorization of the idea of Death, in front of
corpse, under the Day, in front of the terrible crossing between Sky & Earth.

Movement 6, "The Raven's Head" : Willpower of fight for flight, near the sepulchres, despite
of the Sky & Earth's tear which don't deliver their secret, despite of the Night.

Movement 7, "Blue Colt": The diurnal & nocturnal plenitude of flying, aware about his boundaries,
between Sky & Earth, travelling across the world.

Movement 8, "Winter Migration" : The migration seasonal cycle is accomplished. The ultimate
taking wing hangs from a Dusk which is not the alternation of nights & days, but the light of nightfall,
which is the union of Sky & Earth inside Mystery.



Fred Bau (you are here)

Matthew Sear

The Blues Mavericks (Ken Erickson)

Thomas Bressel

Paul Clark

Mark London

Roy Marchbank

Steve Trott

  1. Breathes of Dawn (Fred Bau)
  2. Dream of a Birdsong (Matthew Sear)
  3. Birds in Flight (Ken Erickson)
  4. Murder in Full Flight (Thomas Bressel)
  5. The Feast of the Buzzards (Paul Clark)
  6. The Raven's Head (Mark London)
  7. Blue Colt (Roy Marchbank)
  8. Winter Migration (Steve Trott)

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