Style : blues, rock, pop, electro

After Purple Movies, Color Time is the second bluesy album realized with
Hervé Jeanson.

COLOR TIME on Bandcamp

Credits :

Hervé Jeanson : composition, keyboard, computer music, mix (except on Inside Lisa
Trevor's Eyes
and Tendinotis)

Fred Bau : guitar (except on I Can't Believe, Tendinotis, From One
Year To Another One
, and Above All), mix, mastering, cover artwork

  1. I Can't Believe
  2. Astral Blues
  3. Mirage Reverse
  4. Around Reggae Thing
  5. Inside Lisa Trevor's Eyes
  6. Nina Game
  7. Tendinotis
  8. From One Year To Another One
  9. Reggae Stream
  10. Akatechna (space for who?)
  11. Color Time
  12. Very Bad Breaking
  13. Above All (good bye honey folks!)

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