ELEKTRACOUSTIK _ pulp album (2017)

Style : Instrumental rock

Elektracoustik is a tribute to Pulps (magazine) and Comics Book with Frank Miller's Elektra character figure.
So what? A pulp album with winks to guitar heroes golden times.

Distinguishing feature : only guitars (acoustic, electric, synthetizer) and bass, excepted as indicated.

Listen and Download :

Elektracoustik on Bandcamp

Credits :

Fred Bau : composition, guitars, bass, mix, mastering.

Joëlle Meucci : sighs of pleasure on "Inside Her Arms".

Mathieu Jourdan : composition, electric guitar on "Kill The Ways";
composition, electric guitar, computer music on "& What Now?".

  1. Woodpulps Pulsions
  2. No More Slicks
  3. Elektra's Sighs
  4. Inside Her Arms
  5. And Sin City Kills Her
  6. Elektra Reaches Nebulous Glades
  7. Elektracoustik
  8. Kill The Ways
  9. & What Now?

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